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Get all the information about student performance opportunities at MEA Piano Studio.

Getting started

MEA Piano Studio offers students several performance opportunities throughout the year. These opportunities include everything from festivals to piano exams. The fees for each event vary, ranging from $15 - $100 per student. The studio tries to prepare all students for these events by giving them appropriate pieces and adequate time to prepare. Ultimately, it is up to each student and their family whether or not they participate in most events. There are only two required studio events:

All other events are optional.

How MEA Piano Studio Approaches Festivals

Festivals, for the most part, are used as a practice incentive and as a way for students to set and accomplish goals. That's it. There is no competitive atmosphere within the studio or between other piano studios. There is no pressure to play a song perfectly or get the highest score. The experience is what is most important. Performing the piano along with preparing for a performance are life long skills that will translate to other areas of life.

Are Piano Festivals Right for You?

MEA Piano Studio offers students multiple performance opportunities throughout the year. These events are all non-competitive and are organized by some of the largest music organizations in the world. These organizations have hundreds of active members and thousands of young musicians participating in various events through the year. Much like soccer and other sports, students of all ages and all levels can participate.

Benefits of Piano Festivals

  • Non-competitive. Students are judged own their own merits and are not compared to anyone else.
  • Not just piano. Events include more than just piano performances, but music theory, composition, improvisation, duets and more!
  • Membership in some of the world's largest music organizations.
  • Wide range of events during different times of the year. There are Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer events.
  • Music education with a proven track record going back decades.
  • A family friendly environment. Many times families are encouraged to attend events with the performing student.
  • Interacting with music technology. This includes everything from recording software to music notation software.
  • Free or low cost events. Many events are low cost and several are free.
  • Area recitals with students from across Northern Virginia that play a wide range of instruments.
  • Scholarship opportunities for hard-working students.
  • Trophies and certificates to celebrate milestones and hard work.
  • Most events are in Fairfax County.
  • Photo opportunities galore!
  • A great incentive for students to practice regularly.

List of MEA Piano Studio Events

Event Title Event Month Event Information
Jazz-Blues Festival October The Jazz-Blues Festival is held every October in Fairfax, Virginia. Any student can participate and must memorize two pieces.
Guild Composition Contest November The Guild Composition Contest is where students get to compose their own pieces.
Piano Exams December and May The Fall Piano Exams are held in Vienna, Va. Any student can participate and must prepare several classical pieces along with technique.
NFMC Composition Contest January The NFMC Composition Contest gives students a chance to compose and record their own pieces.
Spring Festival March The Spring Festival is held in Arlington, Va. Any student can participate and must memorize at least two pieces.
Piano Stars Theory Exam March The Piano Stars Theory Exam is held in Alexandria, Va. Any student can participate and study for the annual test.
Sonatina Festival May The Sonatina Festival is held in Springfield, Va. Any student can participate and must memorize one piece.
Guild Auditions June The Guild Auditions are held in Alexandria, Va. Any student can participate and can memorize 1-20 pieces.
Annual Recital June The Annual Recital is held in Vienna, Va. Any student can participate.
Fairfax County PTA Reflections October The Reflections Program is held in Fairfax County through each school's PTA. Any student can participate.


Do students spend all year learning the same songs?

No, definitely not. Students (that practice regularly), often learn 10 or more pieces throughout the year.

How much do these events cost?

Fees range from fifteen to one hundred dollars. Most events are around twenty-five dollars.

What ages can participate in the festival?

Students of any age can participate.

What levels can participate?

All levels. Even young beginners.


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