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The Spring Festival is national event that MEA Piano Studio participates in each year. It is an annual, non-competitive festival organized by the Springfield Music Club which is a division of the Virginia Federation of Music Clubs. In general, for this festival students memorize two pieces to perform in a recital setting that includes other students, parents, and two judges. These piano judges give students ratings based on how well students follow directions in their pieces. These directions include things like dynamics (play soft and loud), rhythm, tempo, memory, technique (scales), and more. Participating students receive a rating (grade), certificate, and written feedback from the judges. Students also earn points, based on their ratings, which they use to earn trophies. On average, it takes students at least three years to earn their first trophy.


  • Superior
  • Excellent
  • Satisfactory
  • Fair
  • Needs Improvement


  • 15 Point Cup
  • 30 Point Cup
  • 45 Point Cup
  • 60 Point Cup
  • 75 Point Cup
  • 90 Point Cup

Event Selection

Parents and students should read the following and decide which events and pieces they would like to play for the Spring Festival.

Required Events

All students are required to sit the Theory Test. The only exceptions are as follows:

  • Students that are not able to read independently.
  • Students that began lessons after the registration deadline.

All students in Primary 3 or higher must (attempt to) participate in the Concerto Event.

Optional Events

All other events are optional. For the most part, students participate in the Piano Solo event and\or the Folk Song event. Siblings, friends, ect are encouraged to participate in ensembles. Students are encouraged to have six items for the Spring Festival, for example:

Example #1

  1. Piano Solo #1
  2. Piano Solo #2
  3. Music Theory
  4. Page Volunteer
  5. Piano Duet #1
  6. Piano Duet #2

Students can choose from any of the events listed in the different sections below.

Festival Events 2014-2015-2016

National Federation of Music Clubs Festival Events 2014-2015-2016

Please note this bulletin is being retired. Students can use these pieces as their choice pieces. For current choices please see the 2017-2018-2019-2019 Bulletin.

Festival Events 2017-2018-2019-2020

Current Bulletin

Festival Location

Columbia Baptist Church 103 West Columbia Street Falls Church, VA 22046

Dress Code

Participants should wear something nice. No jeans or sneakers.